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August 11th, 2015

027: A Laracon US Special

A live recording from Laracon US in Louisville, Kentucky.


A 2015 Laracon US Special Show Summary

Big thank you to Jeffrey for continuously sponsoring the "Developer Shout Out" on PHPRoundTable, gives PHPRoundTable the ability to give developers lots of money for being awesome!

Technical difficulties begin happening almost immediately. And the show pretty much wraps...well at least the video version. The audio version is a bit longer and the rest of the notes are from there.

Jeffrey talks about wearing Bunny Ears and giving out Halloween candy.

The group discusses Matt Stauffer's talk about how Laravel is great for getting apps out fast.

Jeremy hosted PHP Jeopardy where a scandal happened in the final round.

The list of players for PHP Jeopardy was randomized, and a joke was made about using the updated random functions in PHP7 that was contributed by PHPRoundTable's own Sammy Kaye Powers. However, that function was not used.

Was there anything that stuck out in your mind about Laracon?

Way: Taylor teasing Spark, but Adam Wathan killed it! A talk on simple, clear code with tests backing it up. The talk was about refactoring.

Otwell: The best thing I hear is when someone comes up to me and says "because of Laravel I can work from home now and be with my kids". The personal stories I can relate to because I have been there.

Mikola: I liked that there was a good mix between Laravel specific talks and other related things. Not only talks focused on Laravel.

Otwell: Yeah we try to avoid all talks being about Laravel because otherwise it would be kind of boring. The developer world is so huge and we try to appealing, especially with a single track conference, we try to have something that everyone can take away.

Powers: I was surprised that almost half the speakers hadn't used Laravel.

Sammy asks the question to the crowd at the Hyatt

Otwell talks about Spark and how he came about in building/releasing it. Basically, he saw that all the administration of a SaaS app was annoying and got in the way of releasing an app. So he decided to make a package to release that would allow people to quickly release apps.

Spark is coupled to Cashier which is coupled to Stripe.

General consensus is that Spark is awesome!

The use of Traits in Spark looks great. The traits that are available are CanJoinTeams, UseBillable, CanResetPassword. Helps with Rapid Application Development. Spark has the ability to remove subscriptions.

Doctrine was in beta for five years.

29:00 - The audio now begins to fail again.

The rest of the show is the crowd discussing and asking some questions.


Taylor Otwell

Jeffrey Way

Jeremy Mikola

Matt Stauffer

Adam Wathan

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