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April 14th, 2017

061: Dependency Injection

Dependency Injection has been a design principle that the PHP community has embraced more fully than a lot of other programming communities. There's even an official PHP-FIG standard being discussed called PSR-11 which will standardize dependency injection containers. Today we chat all things dependency injection.


Dependency Injection & PSR-11 Show Summary

What does dependency injection give us?

  • Flexibility
  • Avoids tight coupling
  • Allows component re-use
  • Provides separation of concerns
  • Makes objects more testable
  • Provides inversion of control

How do we implement dependency injection?

  • Pass in objects we need as parameters
  • Avoid the new keyword inside our object code
  • Push object instantiation outside of our objects (this is where DI containers can help us)

When should we use dependency injection?

  • Services or Repositories which we want to exchange within our code base
  • Anywhere we want to be able to use more than one implementation
  • Anywhere we want to be able to swap out an object under testing
  • Sometimes we can directly instantiate objects, for example domain objects and helper classes

What role do interfaces play in dependency injection?

  • Interfaces help us to decouple dependencies from their implementation
  • We should be able to exchange a dependency with another that conforms to the same interface
  • There are some things an interface doesn't capture (e.g: the exceptions that can be thrown by a method)

Which tools can we use to help with dependency injection?

PHP dependency injection containers fall into one of 3 categories:


  • PSR-11 addresses one problem: How do we fetch an object from a container?
  • 2 methods: get() and has()
  • Many components (e.g: frameworks or routers) are currently tightly coupled to a particular container implementation
  • Standardizing container implementation will help to make components more generic

How did dependency injection become so popular in PHP?

  • As unit testing has become more important, so has DI. The two compliment each other
  • The first versions of frameworks like Zend and Symfony were monolithic. In version 2 these frameworks started to split into smaller components. Using dependency injection helped them to decouple.
  • Early implementations borrowed/ported the concept from Spring in Java

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Stephan Hochdörfer

David Stockton

David Négrier

  • Mouf, the only framework that does graphical dependency injection (drag'n'drop all the things!)
  • container-interop/service-provider, an attempt to have a framework-agnostic way to put entries in a container

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