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February 22nd, 2016

039: From Idea To Production: Part 2

We get an update on status of the project we discussed in part 1 and discuss next steps to take our dance event management app idea to production.


Dan Yamamoto

Part 2: Turning an idea into code for production Show Summary


Tech Stack

Problems Encountered

  • Time
  • Finding an ORM to work with graph database - neo4j
  • The ideal solution vs sticking with what you know
  • Building a single page load web app

Where next?

  • Review of priorities:
    • Event curation: back end done, front end in progress
    • Event discovery: done
    • Calendar integration: not done
    • Participant accounts: back end done, front end in progress
    • Event subscription: not started - some discussion around how this should work/feature ideas:
      • GitHub terminology ("watch" and "star") vs Facebook terminology ("going" and "like")
      • Subscribe by event/subscribe by region
      • What events might a user be interested in subscribing to (e.g: venue/accommodation/schedule changes) - could these be handled using Laravel events?
      • Live push notifications (schedule events, "milestones") + opt-in or aggregation to avoid spamming users
    • Real data: not yet, but this is high priority
    • Invitations/partner management: not done
    • How do entities in the data model relate to each other - series/groups? Some discussion of polymorphic data model.
    • Should endpoints be context-aware?
    • What data would API users like to consume?
      • Event attendees - stats/badges, biographies
      • Event directors - what services are on offer that I could use?
  • What goes into the next iteration - long list:
    • Finish Event curation
    • Participant accounts
    • Event subscription/notifications
    • Partner management
    • Pro Schedule
    • Gamification/milestones
    • Event rating system
  • What goes into the next iteration - short list:
    • Finish Event curation
    • Participant accounts
    • Event subscription

Sammy Kaye wraps up with

  • Developer shout-out: Ben Corlett

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Dan Yamamoto

Dan Yamamoto

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