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January 23rd, 2017

059: PHP 7.1

PHP 7.1, the latest minor version of PHP, was released on December 1st. We discuss some things that went on behind-the-scenes that brought this new version to a stable release and we look at some new features that we can start taking advantage of today.


Sean DuBois

PHP 7.1 Show Summary

PHP has been seeing more regular releases recently - what changed?

  • PHP adheres to semantic versioning more closely now. In the past this was not the case
  • A lot of time was spent on PHP 6 which never happened
  • PHP has settled into a more mature yearly release cadence and support policy

Davey talks about his role as release manager for 7.1

  • Answered a call on PHP Internals list
  • Davey and Joe Watkins were approved as co-release managers
  • Received a lot of help from others e.g: Stephen from Microsoft (Windows binaries) and Remi from Redhat (testing on RHEL, Fedora, CentOS)
  • Primarily about housekeeping:
    • Publishing and signing tar balls
    • Ensuring there are no unintended BC-breaks
    • Ensuring nothing is added that isn't approved

New features in PHP 7.1

Features that didn't make 7.1 or may appear in future releases

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Davey Shafik

Sean DuBois

Sean DuBois

Levi Morrison

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